Alexx Henry Studios Wins a 2011 Gold Lion at Cannes
Wednesday August 10th 2011, 10:50 AM Posted by: Alexx
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A member of Cannes Lions Cyber jury speaks on why Alexx Henry Studio’s “Viv Mag Motion Title & Interactive Spread” was awarded the Gold Lion in it’s category.

“The Viv Mag motion title and interactive spread is an an astonishing use of work that has stood out from the very beginning of the judging process. It’s a few weeks already and it has constantly ranked very very high because it’s just a very new experience, a new way to look at not only the iPad but how we deal with content in terms of combining written pieces with animation and new depth to the content which is absolutely astounding.

So what it really does is to show us a very clear path to the future and I have to say we were all very excited about it because its showing a new way not only for publishers and magazines, but obviously also for advertisers and the way we look at a print ad evolving into a new medium and how it can actually can be driven into a much much more experiential area.

So this is really an absolutely fascinating work it is a the very beginning but we are all very convinced that this is leading the future now. “

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Congrats bro!!! You deserve it +]

Comment by Diala Chinedu 08.10.11 @ 3:44 PM

Thanks, friend!

Comment by Alexx 08.10.11 @ 3:52 PM

Congratulations Henry, this was/is a very cool piece of work.

Comment by Von Thomas 08.11.11 @ 9:54 AM

nice blog very good

Comment by bokij 08.25.11 @ 8:51 AM

its good to have something like this great

Comment by sanja 08.25.11 @ 8:53 AM

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